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New Releases

Cambridge 24th September 2015   BlueCreation's advanced Bluetooth Smart and Dual Mode Audio Bluetooth module BC127 and BC118 have today been granted Japan (JRF) and Korea P.R. (KC) certifications.    Liam Arnold, Manager for BlueCreation stated “The BlueCreation team are pleased to now be able to offer these modules in South Korea and Japan. This makes it easier for our customers to sell their successful products using the advanced and innovative features of BC127 and BC118. These products can be for example Audio equipment, Remote Controls, Industrial Equipment, Measuring Systems, iBeacons and other". ....Read more


We understand that support is one of the most important part of our offering, we have therefore structured support so you can access information as quickly as possible to allow you to spend more time working on your design then searching for information. Therefore we suggest the following process.

Step1: Search our document database. This database contains the UART command manuals, the Datasheets, example schematics and App Notes. Also, search our Video section. While our videos are very basic, they often help clarify some particular usages of the modules or development kits. Also, have you made sure that you have the latest firmware? Check our firmware section as new updates might have the bug fix or feature you require.

Step2: Login to our Forum and post your question or look for any answers similar to what you are looking for. The Forum is in construction but as the forum builds, it is very likely that your question would have been already asked and answered in the forum. Help build our community!

 Step3: Login to our Support Centre and Create a Support Ticket. Our team targets to answer support request within 24h on average and a maximum of 48h. We try and answer quickly so include all the information we need in your email: Product used, hardware setting and any log or traces that might be needed to understand your question or issue. Videos and small diagrams are also very useful. This allows us to keep answering requests efficiently. Please do not send confidential information as your questions and our technical answers will be shared with others on the Q&A and forums.