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New Releases

Cambridge 24th September 2015   BlueCreation's advanced Bluetooth Smart and Dual Mode Audio Bluetooth module BC127 and BC118 have today been granted Japan (JRF) and Korea P.R. (KC) certifications.    Liam Arnold, Manager for BlueCreation stated “The BlueCreation team are pleased to now be able to offer these modules in South Korea and Japan. This makes it easier for our customers to sell their successful products using the advanced and innovative features of BC127 and BC118. These products can be for example Audio equipment, Remote Controls, Industrial Equipment, Measuring Systems, iBeacons and other". ....Read more


Expert in wireless audio and data

BlueCreation is an engineering team formed by ex-CSR employees. CSR ( is a market leader in the connectivity sector. We specialise in Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi and other embedded wireless technologies and their interactions with Smartphone and Tablets (including iPhones®, iPads®, iPods® and Android phones) and other similar equipment.

BlueCreation helps clients build innovative devices integrating wireless technologies. We provide a full turn key solution to take your idea from design to production in high volumes. Combined with our module offering and software licensing, our services include the design of custom software and hardware (applications on SmartPhones, hosted protocol stacks and embedded software, DSP audio algorithms, schematic design, PCB layout, mechanical design, manufacturing management and quality control).

Our expertise also extends to technology assessment, due dilligence and market research. Examples of products we design and take to market include Bluetooth stereo wireless speakers, wireless fitness and health devices, fully integrated modules, automotive infotainment systems and wireless keys, wireless toys and other custom innovative wireless devices controlled by smartphone applications.

BlueCreation provides all of the components and support to go from protoyping to production easily at every stage of the development. Initially customers use BlueCreation versatile modules and development boards. These modules provide a platform to quickly and safely go into production with competitive and advanced features. When in production, we help customers optimise the Bill of Material (BOM) by enabling them to license software and IP reducing therefore costs. For larger and more custom projects, using our design services, you can develop that unique differentiating feature you have thought of. Whether for a full product development project or for punctual expertise and help, our capabilities can be put to use immediately. The BlueCreation approach can suit you wherever you are in your development and our focus, experience and highly talented team will immediately have an impact from day one. Why don't you kick start your project today and get one of our complete Appcessory development kits?

BlueCreation is based in Cambridge, UK alongside many major semiconductor companies and work with companies such as Analog Devices, ARM and CSR. Our partnerships with these companies give us access to the latest technologies and enables us to be efficient and cost effective at what we do. BlueCreation is also an associate member of the Bluetooth SIG and an Apple MFI and iBeacon Licensee.

BlueCreation is the trading name for Cambridge Executive Limited, Company registered in England and Wales and based at St John's Innovations Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS.